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Selena Kitt - Darlas secret wish

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Selena Kitt - Darlas secret wish
Darlas secret wish
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Описание книги "Darlas secret wish"

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She felt something between her legs, and it took her a moment to realize what it was. His dress slacks hid nothing, and she realized the bulge pressing against her panties was a very large version of what they’d seen illustrations of in health class last year.

She locked her legs behind him and squeezed, kissing him harder, and he moaned, his hands beginning to roam over her, slipping underneath her shirt in back. The feel of his large, warm hands on her skin made her shiver. This was just what she imagined this would feel like, even down to the pulsing ache between her thighs. Especially that.

He broke contact suddenly, looking wild-eyed and panicked. He tried to push her away, but her long, slender legs were locked too tightly around him.

She bit her lip, pleading with her eyes. He cleared his throat and said sternly,

“Darla, this is very, very wrong. We can’t do this.”

“It’s not wrong to love me, Daddy,” she whispered. “Please love me. Please.”

He shook his head, but she saw his eyelids flutter when she moved against him, shifting that hard thing between them. It rubbed against the crotch of her panties, and she felt moisture there, like she’d wet herself. His response made her bolder, and she reached down between them to investigate, her searching hand indeed finding wetness.

Oh, it felt so good when she rubbed herself like this! Sometimes she would do it for hours and hours at night, twisting and turning the covers between her legs, aching for some sort of release that never came. She felt like that now.

“It feels good when I do this,” she confessed, tucking the crotch of her panties between her fleshy lips, and moving her fingers over the material. His breath was coming faster, his eyes half-closed as she rubbed herself, the back of her hand nudging that solid heat between them.

“I know,” he said reluctantly, his voice tight, but then he relented. “Darla, baby… you’re so beautiful when you do that.”

She glowed, soaking in the praise, eagerly kneading her flesh faster, arching her back. His hands moved under her shirt, his fingers meeting at her spine and his thumbs nearly touching at her navel, wrapping almost entirely around the narrow expanse of her waist. He pressed her gently down against his crotch, against the rigid heat there, and she smiled at him. He slid his hands upward, lifting her t-shirt, his thumbs moving over the small girlish protrusions there. She gasped when he thumbed her little nipples.

“Ohh! Daddy, I feel that right between my legs,” she whispered, her eyes widening and then half-closing again in pleasure. He made a low sound, unlike anything she’d ever heard, and she felt him lifting her skirt higher.

“Here?” He moved her hand from between her legs and pressed a thumb exactly there, where it felt the best. She nodded, shivering, opening her legs a bit wider. He eased her panties aside, and the cool air over her skin made her whimper.

“So tiny, so pretty…so wet!” he murmured.

Her lips were swollen and pink, and he spread her open with two fingers.

She watched him inspect her, his fingers moving the dainty folds of flesh to and fro. He seemed transfixed, and she tried to hold her breath so as not to break the spell. Then he did something very surprising, something she had never done to herself. He slid one finger between her soft, slender lips and curled it upward, pressing into her flesh. His finger was inside of her!

He started moving it, his eyes focused between her thighs, slowly in and out of her. It felt funny at first, but the more he did it, the more she felt her flesh move and give, the better it was. She started rocking with him, her breath coming faster and faster. His hand was huge between her legs, his palm rubbing over her young, delicate mound. She heard a wet noise between her legs, as if someone were smacking their lips.

“Do you like that?” he asked her softly.

She nodded, riding his hand now, her narrow hips beginning to move in circles. He slowed, almost stopped. She whimpered.

“Tell me,” he said, his eyes meeting hers.

She hesitated. His thumb gently rubbed that spot at the top of her little crease and she shuddered, straining against him.

“Come on, Darla, tell Daddy how much you like it.” He started rubbing it harder, and slowly began to ease another finger into her. She felt stretched open there somehow and she gasped.

“Oh Daddy, yes,” she moaned. “Yes, I like it, I like it, please don’t stop!”

“Good girl,” he urged, moving his fingers faster to reward her.

She felt something tightening in her lower belly. Her thighs were spread as wide as they could be now, and she was grinding herself against his hand, making small, high noises that came out almost as squeaks.

“Come on, Darla, that’s good… fuck Daddy’s hand!”

She gasped at the harshness of the word, her eyes flying open, but the jolt it sent through her, centering and radiating out from between her legs, was incredible. His thumb rubbed her, his fingers moving in and out of her very quickly. She couldn’t tell where he began and she ended, and that sensation of floating that she always got when she rubbed herself there was intensified beyond anything she’d ever known. She felt like she was flying.

“Ooooo Daddy, it feels so good,” she panted, putting her hands on his shoulders to steady herself.

“I know,” he murmured, using his other hand to tweak her hard, pink nipples, so small they were like wee pebbles, back and forth between them. She moaned and rocked, her whole body begging him for something. “I’m gonna make you come, sweetheart. Let Daddy make you come for the first time.”

Her only thought was how did he know? but her body finally obliged, and she shuddered all over, the ache between her thighs released in a little flood of pulsing fluid she was embarrassed might be all over her daddy’s pants. The shock at the overwhelming sensation must have shown on her face, because he chuckled.

“Oh sweetheart, I love you so much.” He leaned in to kiss her mouth, easing his fingers out of her and she sighed. It sort of hurt between her legs, and it was all swollen and wet. She watched, wide-eyed, as he put his fingers to his mouth and licked them.

“You taste fantastic.” His eyes were dark with something. He fumbled between them, unzipping his pants and revealing himself to her.

She’d never seen a hard one. She’d caught him naked out of the shower a few times, but the small dangling thing she’d glimpsed held no resemblance to the throbbing rod of steel he held in his hand. It seemed impossibly huge to her.

“Do you like Daddy’s cock?” He watched her curiously. She didn’t know what to say, so she nodded.

“You can touch it,” he urged.

It seemed to wink at her. She reached for it hesitantly, wrapping her hand around it, mimicking him. Her slender, delicate fingers encircled its girth. He groaned and thrust gently, almost imperceptibly, into her hand. He moved her fingers up his shaft, so she was holding onto the mushroom-like tip, and showed her what to do, his hand covering hers at first, moving it up and down, again and again. He moaned when he let her hand go and she continued the motion.

Excited by his response, she went faster, matching her movement to his breath.

“That’s it, baby, god, yeah… good girl… faster,” he urged.

Her arm was tired, so she switched hands and he shifted and threw his head back when she did. She found the tingly feeling coming back between her legs and she longed to touch herself there, but she didn’t want to stop pleasing him. She found a quick solution, pulling her wet panties aside again and stroking him against her. The tip of him rested right against her tender button, and she rubbed it there.

“Oh no,” he moaned, looking down to see his cock pressed against his daughter’s little pussy. “No, no.” His denial was weak, and she pressed him harder against her.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered, her hand slick on him. “I want to be all yours, forever and ever.”

“You don’t know what you’re saying,” he said, his breath ragged. “What are we doing?”

“Please, please,” she whispered, her hand tugging awkwardly at his firm flesh.

He growled, relenting, grabbing his cock out of her hand. He positioned it at her tight, virginal hole, spreading her lips with his fingers.

“Don’t move,” he told her sternly. She obeyed him. He was using his daddy voice. He pressed his hips upward, easing her open. She whimpered, feeling a sting, a slow burning between her legs. He let the tip rest just inside of her, putting his hands on her hips.

“Honey,” he whispered. “This may hurt, just a bit at first… but it feels so good for Daddy… god… are you sure?” His eyes, dark with lust, convinced her.

She so wanted to please him.

“Yes, Daddy, yes,” she said. “Put it in me.”

He used his hands to ease her hips down, sinking slowly into her flesh.

Darla felt tears sting her eyes. He was stretching her so wide open! It felt as if she might tear in two! He did it slowly, inch by inch, watching her face the whole time, seeing her biting her lip, squeezing her eyes closed, and then held her still for a moment when he was as deeply into her as he could go.

“Ahhhhhhh god, you’re so tight,” he gasped, looking down at her smooth pussy lips wrapped around his shaft. “Oh Darla, it feels so good. I have to fuck you!”

“Yes, Daddy.”

It was she who began to move, rocking gently on top of him. His eyes widened at the sensation, jammed into that too-narrow fold that somehow was making room for his enormous hardness. She saw his hesitation, and she said something she thought might encourage him, although her face flushed and the words felt too big in her mouth.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” She wrapped her thin arms around his neck and pressed her little breasts toward his face.

He turned into an animal then, nipping at her breasts with his lips, thrusting up into her with abandon. Darla was taken aback at first at the violence of his movements, the way it made her teeth jar and her ponytail bounce, but she soon found herself overwhelmed with feeling, the sensation between her legs an achingly sweet cross between pleasure and pain, something beyond comprehension as her daddy’s big cock moved in and out of her tiny sheath, impaling her hairless pussy again and again.

He was grunting, growling, fucking her harder now, and he hissed, “Ahhh fuck I’m gonna come. God help me, oh, no, yessss, I’m gonna come in my daughter’s pussy! Darla! Fuck!”

She held him tightly, arching her back, and she saw a splash of headlights on the ceiling above. She knew instinctively it was her mother’s car. Her heart lurched.

“Oh Daddy, hurry, I don’t want mommy to catch us!” she urged, and he arched up to meet her with a yell, coming hard, his body convulsing. Her tiny cunt simply couldn’t hold it, and it seeped back out of her immediately, pooling on his lower belly and running down his scrotum.

She jumped off him quickly, tugging her skirt and shirt down. “Daddy, hurry! Mommy’s home!”

His startled look was almost comical, his cock and balls bunched up over his zipper. She could see what had impaled her still pulsing in a wet nest of black hair. He tucked everything back in, zipping himself up, and quickly buttoned his long coat.

“Oh god, oh my god, what have we done?” He sat forward on the couch, putting his head in his hands. Darla heard her mother coming up the walkway.

She moved to sit next to her father, slipping her hand into his.

“It’s ok, Daddy,” she told him. Her heart was racing, knowing they didn’t have much time. “I love you. I won’t tell.”

He gave her a pained look, swallowing hard and closing his eyes briefly.

“I love you, too, Darla,” he told her, his voice barely a whisper.

“I promise.” She kissed his stubbly cheek just as her mother came into the house. She slipped upstairs, letting them argue it out, why her mother hadn’t been home, how he constantly inconvenienced her like this, how she had a life too, you know. Darla sat at the top of the stairs, her panties still wet with her father’s cum. She knew she had him, now, in a way she never had before, in a way she’d always wanted. She’d wanted him completely, had watched with envy how he looked at Irene, even at baby Carrie, had ached to have him all to herself. She’d never understood his leaving, and now it felt as if he had finally come home.

Only she heard the tremble in his voice when he called up the stairs to say goodnight to her before he left, and she eagerly called down to him, “Goodnight, Daddy!” boldy standing and lifting her skirt, pulling her panties aside so he could see her put her fingers deep inside like he had done. She was unbelievably sore there. His face reddened, but his eyes glazed over slightly and he looked at her in a way he never had before. It made her flush, too. She blew him a kiss and turned, hurrying off to her bedroom to bury her hot, red face into her pillow.

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