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Юрий Низовцев - New – by the opposite – proof of the presence of God

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New – by the opposite – proof of the presence of God
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Since Kant's time, it is known that the logical proof of the presence or absence of such an otherworldly being as God is impossible. However, it is quite possible to demonstrate necessity not soulless course of the universal machine, but development and life of some consciousness not in one hypostasis-expression, uniting and leading everything on the basis of holography,quite perhaps by the opposite.

ew – by the opposite – proof of the presence of God


The intelligence of the person is feeble, his life is short, and the real world is infinitely various. Some established patterns during cognition, flow of life are changed by others; new relationships, communications emerge.

At this, the world of the human relations is more complex and unstable, than the physical world. All achievements of human thought don't lead to elimination of dissociation of certain individuals and different peoples.

The nature shows the force periodically, incomparable with human, easily breaking any human construction, as and the person, despite a present technical equipment of mankind.

Beingness in the usual formulation is understood as existence of real. However, in our opinion, this understanding isn't enough because to explain how separate, this existence is impossible.

Therefore, for some inevitably arises God – a first principle and the propulsion of this real.

The opposite camp as opposed to this view puts forward a hypothesis of the self-development of matter.

Neither one nor the other does not seem to be a satisfactory interpretation of the existence of real.

As for God, this all-powerful, living, external and infinite being is so contradictory and fantastic in an interpretation of theologians that one can only believe in him from hopelessness, which is what happens. We will dwell on these and other properties of God in more detail below.

If to present matter in the form of a certain formation, which in itself moves and always moved, and in this motion forms all the rest including consciousness, then, first, if to prove that motion is visibility, more precisely, that it is secondary, appearing only owing to technical transformation of process of updating of information copies of things in consciousness of the living beings into motion, then there cannot be any self-development of matter. Secondly, it has long been proven that the genome of any living being is so complex that in any case it couldn't self-assemble, self-develop. Nevertheless, alive exists, and even exist self-conscious living beings, that is, people themselves. Thirdly, since it is recognized that self-development is ongoing as an unceasing progress, then for it there must be initial and final conditions.

All this means that thinkers of all times have underestimated the complexity and ambiguity of the fact that we – people – are, and what we are situated in.

1. Prerequisites.

1.1. Beingness as receptacle of things and the living beings.

The religion uses uncertain and even empty expression "an ideal", contrasting it to the material, whereas "an ideal" absolutely nothing doesn't mean, except that it is something incorporeal, perfect, universal, complete, abstract. All these definitions have no relation to objective reality, at this we don't know anything about the external in relation to a reality, and even if to assume that there is something perfect, then it is for us nothing inasmuch it is outside time, i.e. it doesn't exist separately.

The incorporeal is something with no signs of any base, that is – nothingness, or a non-existence. "Nothingness" can "evade" from a non-existence if only it is manifested as Everything, as eternal, coinciding (Uniform), and along with that is manifested in time as the finite in infinity.

The term "existence" together with the prefix "co" (co-existence) each person intuitively understands as events and if to think further, "event" is happening to someone and to something in some space and in some time, i.e. in routine (this we call beingness). But division of beingness on time, space and movement of things in it happens only in consciousness of the person, and we watch this partitioned beingness personally.

However, we know nothing about something, being situated outside our sensations, i.e. what we feel. Therefore, is reasonable to ask: is there anything outside of consciousness (sensations)?

After all, beingness is "enlivened" only by the presence of the live and the term "beingness" means the being of someone in something. Thus, meaning of beingness as receptacles of things, apparently, consists in "a service" of the live, which watches, acts, i.e. not necessarily of the person, but surely – consciousness which in the highest expression possesses not only ability to feel in own carrier, but – also ability to understand, and including itself.

If mentally to exclude consciousness, "having left" beingness as a repository of things alone in the residue, it becomes as a non-existence. What's the difference, there is something there or not? All the same anybody isn't present there. If, on the contrary, to exclude things, having left consciousness in loneliness, it at once loses life – there are no things, time, space, motion, – there are no and the existence as such, so as consciousness loses a support and at the same time – resistance of something, and without a thing it isn't present a subject neither for sensations, nor for speculations, nor for actions. In other words, beingness doesn't exist out of consciousness, and consciousness is incapable to exist without things, what means the indissolubility of beingness and consciousness in the basis, i.e. – their unity. Means, in the basis – out of time, or in infinity, they make organic whole, and they can be designated as Uniform. It is necessary only to learn a method of their "output" from eternal and infinite Uniform, i.e. to try to come nearer to the truth which is secret of Creation.

Beingness, if to consider it as everything that exists, or the existing real, cannot manifest itself in the absence of consciousness in it. In other words, consciousness in it is mute it can't be shown in any way. In other words, if consciousness was not, as such, then and beingness wouldn't be – there would be nothing. This fact is, apparently, the prime cause of the appearance in the human mind of the concept of Creator God.

1.2. The holographic basis of beingness.

Group of physicists under the direction of Alain Aspect at the Parisian university in 1982 revealed that in particular conditions the elementary particles, for example, electrons, are able to instantly communicate with one another regardless of the distance between them. In other words, each particle knows always that another does, irrespective of distance between them. On this experimental basis the theory of the holographic Universe was developed. Any particle of this Universe is a holographic projection of the single reality. It has been assumed, as a corollary of this theory, that the physical density of the world is holographic frequency setting, and, in particular, that the person is the hologram.

The physicist of the London University David Bohm deduces the main postulate out of this experiment: "The new form of comprehension probably can be called the Inseparable Wholeness in Flowing Motion". This point of view means that the stream, in any sense, precedes "things", whose origin and dissolution happens in this stream. Bohm notes that "each relatively self-contained and steady structure has to be understood not as something independently and constantly existing, but rather as the derivative, given rise in complete motion of the stream and, eventually, dissolving in the same stream. The fact how it is generated and supports the existence therefore depends on its local function into the stream". As suggested by Bohm, motion is primary; and that seems to us by constant structures, is only relatively autonomous subordinate essences which are appearing out of integrity of flowing motion and then are dissolved back in it. This process of formation goes infinitely. It is possible to believe also that Bohm brought out of discovery of Aspect following: the objective reality does not exist and that, despite its apparent density, the Universe in the basis – fantastic picture, the huge, magnificently detailed hologram [1].

By itself a hologram represents the three-dimensional picture taken by means of the laser. To make the hologram, first of all a photographed subject has to be shined with light of the laser. Then the second laser beam, mixing up with light reflected from a subject, gives the interference figure which can be recorded on a film. The ready picture looks as senseless alternation of light and dark lines. But, once the picture will be shined with another laser beam, the three-dimensional image of an initial subject will arise. The three-dimension – not the single property, inherent to the hologram. If the hologram, containing the image of apple, cut in half and each half of the hologram shine by the laser, each half will contain the whole image of the same apple. If we continue to cut the hologram on more shallow slices, on each of them we will find again the object image as a whole. Unlike the routine photo, each site of the hologram contains information on all subject, but with proportion corresponding decrease of clearness.

The principle of the hologram "all in each part" allows approaching to problem of the organization and the regularity in a new way in essence. The hologram shows that some things in the Universe do not give in to research by an analytical method: to dissect any subject and to study its constituents. If we cut something arranged holographically, we will not receive parts of which it consists, and we will receive the same, but it will be less accuracy.

In this regard the interpretation of works Aspect by Bohm is as follows: he is sure that the elementary particles interact at any distance not because they exchange by certain mysterious signals among themselves but because their separation is illusory. He explained that at any more deep level of reality such particles are not separate objects, and actually the particles are extensions of something more fundamental.

According to Bohm interpretation, apparent superlight interaction between particles says to us that there is more deep level of reality hidden from us, higher measurement, than ours, as in analogy to an aquarium. And, he adds, we see particles as separate because we see only part of a real. Particles – not separate "parts", but sides of more deep unity. This unity is ultimately the holographic and invisible. And so how everything in physical reality consists of these "phantoms", the Universe observed by us is a projection, the hologram.

Such Universe can possess and other properties. If the apparent separation of particles is an illusion, means upon more deep level all subjects in the world can be infinitely interdependent. Electrons in atoms of carbon in our brain are bound to electrons of each floating salmon, each beating heart, each flickering star. Everything interpenetrates with everything and though human nature divides everything, dismembers, spreads all natural phenomena on shelves, all divisions are necessarily artificial, and the nature finally appears as a indissoluble web. Even time and space cannot be taken as a basis in the holographic world, because such characteristic as position, does not make sense in the Universe where anything actually is not separated from each other; time and three-measurement space as images of fishes on screens, should consider no more than projections. On it, more deep level, the reality is something like the super hologram in which the last, the present and the future exist at the same time. It means that by means of the corresponding tools the penetration into depth of this super hologram can be carried out and we can take pictures long ago the forgotten past. That else the hologram can bear in itself – still far it is not known. Bohm speaks: "Let's assume, for example, that the hologram is the matrix giving rise to all in the world, at least, all elementary particles is in it which accepted or will take any possible form of a matter and energy, from snowflakes up to quasars, from blue whales up to gamma rays, i.e. there is all in it ".

Though Bohm recognized that we have no way to learn that else the hologram conceals in itself, he made bold to claim that we have no reasons to assume that in it more anything is not present. In other words, probably, holographic level of the world is simply one of steps of the infinite evolution.

There are other researchers of properties of the holographic world except Bohm. Independently of Bohm, the neurophysiologist from Stanford University Karl Pribram working in the field of research of brain also inclines to a holographic picture of the world [2].

Pribram has come to this conclusion, reflecting over a riddle, where and as memoirs are stored in a brain. Numerous experiments for decades showed that information is stored not in any particular site of a brain, and is dispersed on all volume of a brain. The researcher of a brain Karl Lashley in a number of decisive experiments in the twenties the last century has found out that irrespective of the fact which a site of a brain of a rat was deleted, he could not achieve disappearance of the conditioned reflexes received by a rat before operation. The only problem consisted that nobody could offer the mechanism explaining property of memory "all in each part".

Later, in the sixties, Pribram faced with the principle of a holography and understood that he found the explanation which neurophysiologists looked for. Pribram is sure that memory is contained not in neurones and not in groups of neurones, but – in series of the nervous impulses, "braiding" a brain just as a laser beam "braids" the piece of the hologram containing all image entirely. In other words, Pribram is sure that the brain is the hologram.

Pribram's hypothesis also explains how a human brain can store so many memoirs in such small volume. It is supposed that the human brain is capable to remember about 10 billion bits for all life.

It was revealed that one more feature can be added to the properties of holograms – the huge density of record. Simply changing a corner under which lasers light a photographic film, it is possible to write down many various images on the same surface. It was shown that one cubic centimeter of a film is capable to store to 10 billion bits of information.

Our supernatural ability to fast identification of the necessary information from the enormous volume of our memory becomes clearer with accepting the fact that the brain works by the principle of the hologram. If you ask that occurred to you at the word "zebra", you should not shuffle mechanically lexicon to find the answer. Associations to the words "striped", "horse" and "lives in Africa" appear in your head instantly.

Really, one of the most surprising properties of human thinking is that each piece of information is correlated instantly and mutually with any another – one more quality inherent to the hologram. As any plot of the hologram is infinitely interdependent with any another, it is quite possible that it is the highest natural exemplar of cross and correlative systems.

Location of memory is not the single neurophysiological riddle which became more solvable in the light of holographic model of brain of Pribram. Another riddle is how the brain is capable to translate such avalanche of frequencies, which it perceives by various sense organs (light frequencies, audio frequencies and so on), in our concrete conception about the world. Coding and decoding of frequencies is procedures with which the hologram it copes best of all. Just as the hologram serves as some kind of lens, the sending device, capable to turn as if a senseless mash of frequencies in the concrete image, so and a brain, according to Pribram, contains such lens and uses the principles of a holography for mathematical processing of frequencies from sense organs in an inner world of our perceptions.

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