» » » Юрий Низовцев - The United States against Russia. Whether everything is so obvious here?

Юрий Низовцев - The United States against Russia. Whether everything is so obvious here?

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The United States against Russia. Whether everything is so obvious here?
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Описание книги "The United States against Russia. Whether everything is so obvious here?"

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Whose will take in opposition of Russia and the USA? Weak Russia nowadays or the strong America? Is it possible to actually the victory any of the parties at this stage of development of a civilization? Why only Russians do not wish in their mass humbly to accept the consumerist values of the West and in what the Russian idea should consist?

The United States against Russia. Whether everything is so obvious here?

Chapter 1

Who is right: Westerners or isolationists?

That's really for 300 years, since Peter I, Russia aims to become as the rightful European power, believing that if it is "wedged" into Europe geographically, it has right on this, forgetting that till XVIII century Russia was provincial east country and it didn't take part in any European affairs.

As a result, it didn't turn out anything at Russia, except visibility. Russia was only used: at first – by Germans and the Austrians, then – by British, and then – by all together, led by the USA. How many the Russian people were killed in wars absolutely unnecessary for Russia knows only one God.

I mean under the term "the Russian people" mix of Slavs, Ugro-Finnish, Turki and other nationalities formed during many hundreds of years on immense open spaces of Russia from the Carpathians to Kuriles and from the tundra to Central Asia, who have perceived not necessarily customs of the Slavs, but obligatory – Russian language and the Russian culture.

It seems, practice showed for a long time the full idiocy of aspiration of Russia to rightful cooperation with the Anglo-Saxon world assuming Russians as plebeians, gun meat, their highest layer – as selling and the despicable, but considering of themself – as inspired divinely, which are only capable to manage by the rest world. Only here the Anglo-Saxon world controls this world by means of promises, direct deception, enslaving loans, exclusive arrangements, an open robbery, gunboats, bribery of governors of other countries, inclined to corruption, etc.

But Russia still cannot calm down and realize the situation. She again recently made another attempt to join the "high" European civilization. This happened in 1991. The result we all know: Russia, as always, was deceived, its infrastructure largely destroyed, the population began to die out, the persons of administration turned into a vile compradors, exporting abroad accumulated over all the years of Russian wealth and natural resources, dividing it all together beforehand and decided to myself that if not the country, so at least we'll move with families with stolen money into "happy" West in any case.

By low literacy levels, they do not know that similar has happened near 1917: a lot of "smart guys" moved their capital abroad even before the October Revolution, and their capitals were no small, in terms of current dollars they were in many cases billions. However, with the minor exception, by 1929 all of these capitals disappeared somewhere, somewhere were being dissolved completely by legitimate way. The West does not recognize strangers and fleecing them as soon as possible, without sovereign support.

Some awareness of deeds came to the Russian authorities not so long ago, but whether late? And what the swindlers of all colors who sat down at all levels of control of Russia can make even something good, if only, in the manner of Peter I, not to beat them up to death for bribes?

Anglo-Saxons, having a higher level of consciousness than Russian, which they were accumulating for about the millennium in permanent development and what allowed them to create the most strong, technically equipped, educated civilization with the initiative population, nevertheless, strongly don't hold out to the level of consciousness in case of which it is a shame to plunder feeble for the sake of own short-time – private life is too short – prosperity. And this prosperity is rather doubtful, judging by the continuous degradation of Western society, completely having forgotten of precepts of Christ at the hypocritical church services and praise to the Divine stranger, replacing its own population by alien Arabs, Africans, etc. However, they claim that everything is correct because goes according to objective laws of social development, but in fact, they reduce the practical activities by the most primitive way to the right of the strong.

Naturally, false values couldn't but lead the West to process of degradation which was manifested in it in recent years by the most menacing way.

Individualism, aspiration to personal wellbeing by all means, up to deception of others, less developed peoples, the hypocritical democracy which is reduced not to creation of opportunities for implementation by people of really their free aspirations, but leading them to models in advance selected and prepared by elite which, for example, in the USA provide a choice only from two, in fact, for the people of identical candidates now, who, naturally, serve not to the people, but only to elite. Individualism, deception and hypocrisy always finally lead to crash the society infected with them.

Substitution of true values by the false makes senseless of each specific life, doing out of live, free under initial essence people, the dummies moving by certain rules: they are, however, sleek, protected, satisfied with it and they despise of all remaining, not entering in their circle. But such life doesn't allow to develop in them to truly free aspirations because liberty assumes, first of all, not independence, but, at least, respect, help, sympathy to the near and to the far without what the person is lost: assumes collaboration for the public goodness without exception.

The famous philosopher of the last decades Alexander Zinoviev wrote about this phenomenon, which he called as the Westernism, so: "The meaning of life of westernoids (citizens of the West) was reduced eventually to two points: 1) to achieve the highest standard of life or at least to retain the reached level; 2) to get the maximum personal liberty, independence from people around as well as personal security. The first aspiration does the person as the pragmatic, the second – pushes him on self-isolation … The problem "To be or to have?" the Westernism decided in favor "to Have" … Coldness and restraint, indifference to destiny of the neighbor, a deficit of "warm-heartedness", loneliness, feeling of uselessness …" is a consequence of superhuman relations [1].

Simple Russian people, though and has lagged behind in development of consciousness on some hundreds of years from Europeans because of medieval "hibernation" up to Peter I's era, but, nevertheless, owing to the reasons explained below, didn't lose conscience polls and, except of managers tempted with the power and its privileges with their spongers, don't allow itself to rob the weak and to scoff over the hapless under the pretext of the help as it is done by Europe together with America hourly with the remaining world.

At the same time, the constant aspiration of Russia to Europe wasn't completely fruitless. Russia much that borrowed at more developed and enterprising Europeans of the useful for all branches of the economy, military affairs, imbibed in itself the best achievements of the European culture and gradually reached level of the superpower, about what, for example, Germany dreamed, but "teeth broke off".

So that Russian Westerners, A. I. Herzen and P. Ya. Chaadayev are right regarding need of aspiration of Russia to the western cultural and technological values, but deeply are mistaken in the person of their liberal successors concerning reception of Russia as the equivalent partner in association of the leading countries of the world. Practice shows this daily.

Also and isolationists, successors of Slavophiles, supporters of a special Russian way, are partially right when claim that Russia in the root is not such as other countries, and can achieve alone much.

However, they don't understand, why it so, and their remaining ideas, as a rule, – a usual retrograde nonsense.

If you try to approve something, so you find the solid base at first, but don't slide on a surface.

For bigger clarity, we will estimate the main convictions of Westerners and isolationists concerning to Russia.

Westerners have considered national originality of Russia as its backwardness.

At first sight, apparently, this statement is too categorical and unfair.

It, really, is incorrect concerning national originality of Russia so as Russia strongly differs from other countries, and its main difference consists that it possesses by people with such unique properties saving for the whole world, that to surprise and delight of all remaining people of the world, exactly thanks to these properties both Napoleon, and Hitler were broken and trampled in ashes. These properties have not gone away and the Russian people will be able to assume care of a world and to rescue it again if it is necessary anywhere.

However the statement about backwardness of Russia is quite right regarding real temporal lag of Russia from Europe because of delay of development of Russia from the West on some hundreds of years.

P. Ya. Chaadayev, one of the first Westerners, spoke about it so: "Each people have a period of lively excitement, passionate concern, activities reckless and aimless… They are obliged to it by the brightest memories of heroic elements of the history, the poetry, all most strong and fruitful ideas; it is a necessary basis of any society … We don't have anything it. At first – wild barbarity, then – rough ignorance, then – furious and humiliating foreign dominion, which spirit were inherited later by our national power, – such is the sad side of our youth" [2].

This statement, of course, is insulting, but it accurately reflects, at least, temporal backwardness of Russia in institutional, technological, cultural and educational level from Europe for that time.

The general idea of Westerners is that Russia and Europe after reforms Peter I go by identical paths. Russia on this way should borrow experience of Europe and the educated minority in it should achieve release of the personality and create the state and society providing this liberty.

Here is correct only that Russia can borrow a lot of things on the way of development in more developed Europe.

However all remaining didn't happen still in spite of the fact that since appearance of first Westerners passed nearly two hundred years.

"The educated minority" of imperial Russia showed the full helplessness and insolvency in 1917, and was dispersed already as the Constituent assembly at the beginning of 1918. Less educated minority which was formed during the Soviet power, new in respect of liberate of the personality didn't invent anything. On the contrary, it emasculated even more and enslaved the personality within single and false ideology.

As for the thesis of Westerners, including here and Marxists, that Russia will catch up and will overtake the West, it is only possible to be surprised to their naivety and mechanicalness of their views.

Really can the unripe young man catch up and overtake by explosive way, for example, the mature man with his experience? The difference of unripe and mature, experimental consciousness remains practically invariable for the few years of this race. Read "Fathers and children" of I. S. Turgenev. Perhaps only that, the young man, having reached already maturity, at last, will understand thought and feeling, perhaps, already late father.

The modern domestic liberals-Westerners don't offer original anything, except the same aspiration to the blessed the West where don't wait for us as the equivalent partner at all.

By the way, about it insightful, though inconsistent Chaadayev P. Ya., wrote actually providentially: "All people of Europe have the general physiognomy, some family likeness … In addition to the general character, each of these people has still the private interest, but also that and another wholly are weaved from history and tradition. They make successive ideological heritage of these people. Each certain person uses the share of this inheritance, without labour and excessive efforts he accumulates into himself in life stock of this knowledge and skills and derives from them the benefit. Compare and tell, whether much we find at ourselves in daily use of elementary ideas by which we could be guided barely in life?… Would you like know, what it for ideas? These are ideas of debt, justice, right, order. They were born out of events which have created society there, they enter as a necessary element into social way of life of these countries. It also makes the atmosphere of the West; it is more, than the history, more, than the psychology, it is physiology of the European person. Than do you replace it at us?" [2].

Really, it is impossible to join to the alien organism, and it won't accept you and will always reject you or will make you by its colony, as it happened actually to Russia when after 1991 it has given itself on mercy of the West, supposing by naivety of the young consciousness that the West is same noble and fair as itself. But the West was the indifferent and the calculating in the relations with "someone else's" nations.

So hopes of domestic liberals for merge to the West are vain. If they don't understand it, they are inadequate, but if understand and continue to insist on it, they are compradors and traitors of the homeland who are handing over it to the West which already joyfully has received from Russia, destroyed, in fact, by the same the West in case of their active involvement, the income in the amount of not one trillion dollars for the last twenty years.

The Russian State still continues "to feed" strenuously the West and own elite, retaining at this overwhelming part of the population in poverty, probably, in hope that the West won't forget the assistants in elite of Russia, and correctly understanding that it is easier to control and direct the poor population, throwing it sometimes pathetic handouts.

The difference of public consciousness of the West outstripping the level of development of public consciousness of Russia on some centuries under no circumstances won't allow Russia to interact as equals with the West.

Here Westerners and Marxists confuse technical achievements with institutional, cultural and educational values, with experience and traditions.

It is technically possible to catch up and even to overtake the West under certain conditions and tension, as the Soviet Union made it, having created by the first a hydrogen bomb, having launched the satellite, but the Soviet Union didn't manage even to approach close to creation democratic institutes which are similar of the western, to establishment of more or less real independence of different branches of the power, more or less democratic choices, quality of a general education of the population, quality of medical attendance of all segments of the population, etc. The value of life in Russia and in the West is different that is manifested everywhere in the current life in relation of the authorities to ordinary people. But – not only in it. For example, Europeans and Americans didn't throw and didn't forget about the perished fighters. They found and reburied or, at least, marked places of burial of all the soldiers who were killed in battles of World War II, but in Russia millions of perished Russian soldiers still lie thrown and not buried in places of fights. Anybody doesn't look for them, except sparse enthusiasts, doesn't mark and doesn't rebury with honor in spite of the fact that they perished for the homeland and it should be eternally grateful to them at least by memory of them, produced by honorary burial of them in graves with signs and should not spare expense and attention to the aid of families of perished soldiers if they need it. It should be the first duty of the state. And Soviet and then and the Russian authorities the perished fighters simply wrote off and forgot about them.

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